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GOAT Beta Feedback
20 Votes 67 Comments
GOAT Update (1.17.30) Feedback
78 Votes 59 Comments
Ability to trade items with NPCs
23 Votes 37 Comments
go to hatch a ender dragon from a egg
3 Votes 29 Comments
Assigned Plots (especially for a Server set up.)
2 Votes 25 Comments
sky block
15 Votes 25 Comments
Back to School Beta Feedback Thread
2 Votes 23 Comments
Save worlds to OneDrive
23 Votes 20 Comments
Minecraft Education Edition in VR
11 Votes 19 Comments
Back to School Release (version 1.12) feedback thread
0 Votes 19 Comments
5 Votes 18 Comments
***Code Builder Mega Thread***
5 Votes 18 Comments
Library Release (1.12.5) Feedback Thread
3 Votes 17 Comments
Ingame proximity voice chat
14 Votes 13 Comments
MC:EE Updates & The Community involvement
2 Votes 13 Comments
Version 1.9.0 feedback
1 Votes 12 Comments
Make Mods available for Minecraft: Education Edition
70 Votes 11 Comments
Make M:EE Available for Android
3 Votes 10 Comments
Custom NPC skins
12 Votes 10 Comments
Texture Packs for Skins and Blocks
6 Votes 9 Comments
new player skin
2 Votes 9 Comments
Hatching and saddleing ender dragon and tame
2 Votes 9 Comments
The Learn to Code Beta (version 1.14.4) Feedback thread
3 Votes 9 Comments