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Dedicated Server for Minecraft:EE Pinned
121 Votes 166 Comments
Custom Player Skins Pinned Planned
118 Votes 88 Comments
Chisel And Bit
0 Votes 2 Comments
Minecraft Education Edition in VR
11 Votes 22 Comments
Famous landmarks in the countries
1 Votes 2 Comments
increase building height limit in nether
1 Votes 6 Comments
Add More Teacher Controls Under consideration
38 Votes 32 Comments
I hope account compatible
0 Votes 0 Comments
Make NPC's selectable in commands
9 Votes 5 Comments
Monitoring / session logs
1 Votes 1 Comments
A way to change your username/name in-game
3 Votes 3 Comments
Letter and numbers blocks
33 Votes 15 Comments
Gamerule for cheats
0 Votes 7 Comments
Text to speach on code instructions
1 Votes 0 Comments
Scripting api
1 Votes 0 Comments
Make Deny Blocks Work on Paintings
0 Votes 2 Comments
Alphanumeric and code syntax blocks
14 Votes 9 Comments
Mods for minecraft education
0 Votes 1 Comments
custom skin
1 Votes 2 Comments
RenderDragon toggle needed
1 Votes 1 Comments
Coordinate System to match Math Class
0 Votes 8 Comments
update to 1.19 pls
6 Votes 2 Comments
emotes for students
4 Votes 8 Comments
working addons
0 Votes 0 Comments
1 Votes 0 Comments
Minecraft Therapy
0 Votes 1 Comments
Multiplayer Issue
0 Votes 1 Comments