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GOAT Update (1.17.30) Feedback Pinned Featured
67 Votes 59 Comments
Dedicated Server for Minecraft:EE Pinned Under consideration
92 Votes 127 Comments
Custom Player Skins Pinned Planned
107 Votes 82 Comments
When will Minecraft: Education Edition get the latest Bedrock features? Pinned Planned
78 Votes 111 Comments
Pokémon mods
8 Votes 5 Comments
Custom skin maker
0 Votes 3 Comments
is minecraft edu getting the 1.18 update
1 Votes 3 Comments
Add scorpions
1 Votes 2 Comments
1.18 Minecraft Education
0 Votes 5 Comments
Save worlds to OneDrive
22 Votes 18 Comments
Marking Maps
0 Votes 0 Comments
Crawl Function
0 Votes 0 Comments
Questions about 1.18
1 Votes 4 Comments
hello mọi người
0 Votes 0 Comments
Creating your own training modules
0 Votes 2 Comments
How do i get skywars
0 Votes 7 Comments
make realistic items
1 Votes 1 Comments
Servers, plz
0 Votes 0 Comments
Why can't I have Custom NPC's like abilities?
0 Votes 7 Comments
GOAT Beta Feedback
20 Votes 67 Comments
sky block
11 Votes 23 Comments
experimental game-play
5 Votes 9 Comments
0 Votes 2 Comments
Delete Skin Options
0 Votes 1 Comments
GOAT Update chemicals
0 Votes 1 Comments
Resource packs
0 Votes 2 Comments