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Dedicated Server for Minecraft:EE Pinned Under consideration
113 Votes 148 Comments
Custom Player Skins Pinned Planned
113 Votes 88 Comments
When will Minecraft: Education Edition get the latest Bedrock features? Pinned Planned
82 Votes 110 Comments
RenderDragon toggle needed
0 Votes 0 Comments
iOS M:EE Accessibility Head Tracking
0 Votes 0 Comments
Custom Servers
0 Votes 0 Comments
Ability to detect keyboard keystrokes?
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Portfolio Export Image Resolution
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Could you make it so we can change our version
1 Votes 0 Comments
A feature for the fill command
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Sky block
0 Votes 1 Comments
Server hosting
2 Votes 3 Comments
Read buttons and signs
0 Votes 0 Comments
Suggestions and Questions
1 Votes 1 Comments
Symmetry In Pixel Art
0 Votes 0 Comments
New update
2 Votes 2 Comments
F3 would be great!
2 Votes 2 Comments
(*The wild update*)
4 Votes 3 Comments
MEE Character Skins
1 Votes 2 Comments
Being able to hold any item in the Of-Hand.
1 Votes 3 Comments
Pleeeeease add allays*
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