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GOAT Update (1.17.30) Feedback Pinned Featured
67 Votes 59 Comments
Dedicated Server for Minecraft:EE Pinned Under consideration
92 Votes 127 Comments
Custom Player Skins Pinned Planned
107 Votes 82 Comments
When will Minecraft: Education Edition get the latest Bedrock features? Pinned Planned
78 Votes 111 Comments
GOAT Beta Feedback
20 Votes 67 Comments
Ability to trade items with NPCs
23 Votes 37 Comments
Structure Block - Ability to Import Planned
19 Votes 33 Comments
go to hatch a ender dragon from a egg
3 Votes 27 Comments
Assigned Plots (especially for a Server set up.)
2 Votes 25 Comments
Add More Teacher Controls Under consideration
34 Votes 25 Comments
sky block
11 Votes 23 Comments
Back to School Beta Feedback Thread
2 Votes 23 Comments
Back to School Release (version 1.12) feedback thread
0 Votes 19 Comments
5 Votes 18 Comments
Minecraft Education Edition in VR
9 Votes 18 Comments
Save worlds to OneDrive
22 Votes 18 Comments
***Code Builder Mega Thread***
5 Votes 18 Comments
Library Release (1.12.5) Feedback Thread
3 Votes 17 Comments
Accessing Player Orientation Planned
4 Votes 16 Comments
Ingame proximity voice chat
12 Votes 13 Comments
MC:EE Updates & The Community involvement
2 Votes 13 Comments
Version 1.9.0 feedback
1 Votes 12 Comments
Make Mods available for Minecraft: Education Edition
59 Votes 11 Comments