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0 Votes 1 Comments
Enable 360 panorama photo and video
3 Votes 3 Comments
Create a required biotop
0 Votes 2 Comments
2 Votes 1 Comments
Create “home” block
5 Votes 1 Comments
Transferring Worlds Featured
5 Votes 3 Comments
Functions in MakeCode needs parameters
1 Votes 3 Comments
NPC Signatures
4 Votes 1 Comments
In game Store
1 Votes 2 Comments
Disable magical items
2 Votes 2 Comments
ESports Resource Pack
3 Votes 2 Comments
Simple setting of boundaries
0 Votes 2 Comments
Embedding Hyperlinks in-game
1 Votes 2 Comments
Other Agent Features
0 Votes 3 Comments
cloud based Realms for MC EE
0 Votes 2 Comments
2 Votes 3 Comments
Compare areas
1 Votes 2 Comments
Space Exploration Unit
1 Votes 7 Comments
Teleport agent
4 Votes 3 Comments
Make Code Library of Projects
0 Votes 2 Comments
Make code special permissions
2 Votes 2 Comments
Paint 3D and Minecraft
1 Votes 5 Comments
Extend Scope ofStructure Block
0 Votes 1 Comments
Lanaguage packs
1 Votes 1 Comments
Book and quill sharing
0 Votes 2 Comments
0 Votes 2 Comments