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Friend List or something similar. Under consideration
6 Votes 2 Comments
6 Votes 9 Comments
Grant teachers full control to any multiplayer game when using classroom mode Under consideration
6 Votes 5 Comments
Shaders for Minecraft Education
5 Votes 1 Comments
5 Votes 5 Comments
5 Votes 5 Comments
Transferring Worlds Featured
5 Votes 3 Comments
Create “home” block
5 Votes 1 Comments
Ability to structure World Files in categories
5 Votes 1 Comments
Increased edit functionality with boards & NPCs
5 Votes 8 Comments
Ability to add pictures to Minecraft
5 Votes 5 Comments
***Code Builder Mega Thread***
5 Votes 18 Comments
4 Votes 0 Comments
A built-in Basic Mob creator.
4 Votes 1 Comments
Directional Arrow (N, S, E, W)
4 Votes 2 Comments
Feature Request: Remove border block exploits and effects
4 Votes 4 Comments
Space dimension
4 Votes 3 Comments
Teleport agent
4 Votes 3 Comments
Simplify Player Permissions Settings
4 Votes 2 Comments
NPC Signatures
4 Votes 1 Comments
Welsh language
4 Votes 5 Comments
Accessing Player Orientation Planned
4 Votes 23 Comments
Still wishing for Minecraft EDU for Chromebooks! Completed
4 Votes 5 Comments
Spectator mode toggle
3 Votes 1 Comments
Persistently Online Server For MCEE
3 Votes 3 Comments