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Custom NPC skins
11 Votes 10 Comments
experimental game-play
5 Votes 9 Comments
The Learn to Code Beta (version 1.14.4) Feedback thread
3 Votes 9 Comments
Make M:EE Available for Android
3 Votes 9 Comments
6 Votes 9 Comments
Physics world
0 Votes 9 Comments
Add servers
3 Votes 8 Comments
Texture Packs for Skins and Blocks
6 Votes 8 Comments
new player skin
2 Votes 8 Comments
Enable recorded audio for NPCs and other items
11 Votes 8 Comments
Increased edit functionality with boards & NPCs
5 Votes 8 Comments
on android
2 Votes 8 Comments
The Chromebook Release (version 1.14.31) feedback thread Featured
2 Votes 8 Comments
How do i get skywars
0 Votes 7 Comments
How can i install 1.17
0 Votes 7 Comments
being able to change your display name
0 Votes 7 Comments
emotes for students
2 Votes 7 Comments
Cool game modes
4 Votes 7 Comments
Why can't I have Custom NPC's like abilities?
0 Votes 7 Comments
Username Change Wish
0 Votes 7 Comments
Hatching and saddleing ender dragon and tame
2 Votes 7 Comments
Option to Restrict Student World Hosting
2 Votes 7 Comments
Ideas for Bedrock Developers
0 Votes 7 Comments
Space Exploration Unit
1 Votes 7 Comments