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Can't download from Windows Store Pinned
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Service notification: Update to the latest version of Classroom Mode Pinned
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Portfolios not saving text when exported Pinned
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Cannot log in into game - AADSTS50020 error Pinned
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Known Issue with Code Builder (September 27th 2021) Pinned
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Open Port 19132 to help with multiplayer Pinned
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Reminder: Community Guidelines Pinned
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How do I get Multiplayer to work when I'm logged in from home? Pinned Featured
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Join codes are not working for a student
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Missing world and lesson resource
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first time this has happened
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i don't want an agent
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My week old world was deleted
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Grading Student's Worlds
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Where's my badge?
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Teacher Academy Badge
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I lost my worlds
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Resolved: "Sign-in required" error after update
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Some village structures don't generate
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Still can't remove shield!
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Woodland Mansions
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Cannot install Minecrat Education with windows 11
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Tropical Fish Bug
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