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Will not load server



  • Dominick Support Team
    Moderator Support Team Member

    Can you give us details on the devices that cannot connect? Does the issue change for those devices if a different user try logging in and join? We have seen this issue with settings that are deployed that prevent P2P and that have an antivirus software that needs to have our application added as a trusted source. Your issue is odd since the other devices can cannot but depending on the difference in devices, this may reveal something. 

  • Tyler Brophy

    So good news! The problem was fixed from me deleting that students account on Microsoft and re-creating it. something was wrong with her account. Thank you for your response though!

  • Danny Support Team
    Beacon of Knowledge Support Team Member

    OH fantastic, great to hear Tyler!

    And thanks for the update! :) 

  • Aksana Lapeškina

    Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Is deleting microsoft account the only option? I am a teacher. 
    p.s. different account can log in with no problems at the same device. 

  • Tyler Brophy

    Deleting the account and recreating it was the only thing that worked for me!


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