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It is saying that it cannot connect to the service right now


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  • Danny Support Team
    Beacon of Knowledge Support Team Member

    Hey there!

    Are you working off an educationally managed device or a personal device from a home network?

    From an educationally managed device:

    On August 9th we updated our services and in order to host or join multiplayer worlds, networks need to allow list a new URL. The new URL is https://* It will be worth checking the other URL's as well with your school's IT. I recommend looking through this guide to double check the others: IT Admin Guide

    You can also learn more of what is new with the latest update here:


    If you are on a personal device:

    Check to see if you have any virus protection programs installed and you may need to allowlist the above URLs on them if you do.


    Keep us updated! 


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