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Weird bug: Minecraft freezing when exporting world ONLY when using Zoom.



  • Dominick Support Team
    Moderator Support Team Member

    Thank you for sending this in Sarah. I will let the Dev team know. This is the first report of this, but they will look into it. Please provide your Zoom version and if anything has recently changed on the device like a Windows update or something like that. 

  • Sarah Elliott
    Bug Zapper

    Version 5.11.1 (6602).  No updates that I can think of.

    New interesting things to add. Code builder save project and export world is still hit and miss as to whether either or both will freeze during a Zoom meeting. I can get out of the frozen save dialogue for both (save dialogue pops up, but I can't edit, save, or cancel) if I go to the MEE icon in my taskbar (which hasn't looked like a bookshelf for years, it looks like a piece of paper with a folded corner -- this is the second PC I've had it on that's done that) and try to open another world. It gets a really weird-looking "are you sure you want to do that while this one is running" window -- there's no proper frame, but there's a grey frame line running vertically down the centre, and by cancelling, I can get back to business. This has happened multiple times while in Zoom meetings, PC running Windows 10.

    Also, twice now, I've gotten the weird "Immersive Reader gets stuck on loading" bug, but exiting and re-loading the Immersive Reader won't fix it like it usually does, I'm perpetually stuck on the loading animation no matter how many times I re-try to launch the IR in dialogue, books, or signs. IF this is the case, Code Builder also won't load and gets stuck on a black screen. Again, ONLY happens while I'm Zooming.  In both cases, I had to close down Minecraft all the way, then go to my Task Manager and shut down the MEE application that was still running in the background and preventing a relaunch, then re-launch and sign back in (I did try just exiting the world and re-loading, but that didn't fix it, I had to go all the way out and then shut it down via Task Manager as well).  

    I did tell the students to cross their fingers as hard as they can after I re-opened Minecraft, but I have no quantitative way to measure the effects on the subsequent successful launch of IR and Code Builder.

  • Sarah Elliott
    Bug Zapper

    I'm now doing two virtual sessions a day and can conclusively say every time:

    • The first session usually runs fine. The "save your code" and "export your world" demos work without freezing about 80% of the time.  If they freeze, I can "jog" it by going to the Minecraft icon in my taskbar and starting to open another world, and then just cancelling when it asks me if I'm sure (if I do this, the save dialogue window is very broken -- it looks like the frame is offset, and it will stay this way every time until I end the session).
    • After the first session, I must close Minecraft.
    • After I close Minecraft, I must open the task manager and end task on Minecraft (and all the auxiliary code builder applications attached to it) that are still running in the background.

    If I don't do this:

    • The immersive reader and code builder demos will fail to launch in visit 2. I'll get the loading screen for both, but it will never advance.
    • If I close the world and then Minecraft when this happens, I can't relaunch Minecraft until I go into the task manager and shut down the applications running in the background.
  • Danny Support Team
    Beacon of Knowledge Support Team Member

    Hey Sarah!

    Thanks for the updates, I will pass those along as well!


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