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Broken: Connecting to external IP address since update



  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there!

    The multiplayer experience has been updated to increase security for the students and teachers. You can learn more here:

    IP Addresses have been Changed to Connection ID's

  • Grant Pusey

    Hey Danny

    It appears that I need to completely expose the server to the internet just to get this to work since port forwarding isn't enough, so I struggle to see how this arrangement is more secure. Even so, I still can't get students to connect from the school network since the update (yes, we've updated the whitelist).

    Every time I restart the server, ALL connection details will now change - this makes it completely impractical for long-term setups where an IP address and port remain constant.

    I guess I'm just echoing the rest of the disappointment expressed on this forum following the update: In some posts you're saying there is a known problem that you're working on, and in other posts you're saying this is the way it is?

    Every time Microsoft update Minecraft: Education Edition my heart sinks a little and I get anxious about the problems ahead of me. I wish it didn't auto-update.


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