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Unable to run Minecraft Education - Multiplayer joining worlds not working



  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there!

    Absolutely, since August 9th we added a new URL: https://*

    You can check the others here as well:


    Let us know how it goes! 

  • Dylan P

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for the reply. We have allowed the URLs you have specified. But, like I mentioned before, the issue we are having is HTTPS decryption on our Paloalto firewall.

    Unfortunately the firewall only allows to bypass decryption for IP addresses. We are unable to specify rules to bypass packet decryption to URLs. Looks like the new version of Minecraft doesn't like traffic being decrypted, hence, multiplayer fails to connect to hosted worlds. Are you able to provide a list of IP addresses that you use for Minecraft multiplayer to work so that we can get our student app working again?

    When I bypass packet decryption to all outgoing traffic for students multiplayer works. But, you can imaging we cannot do this permanently for security reasons. Thanks. 

  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    At this time ephemeral ports are being utilized so we are unable to send you a list of port numbers. We have found that adding a "no decryption" rule to the Palto Alto firewall for our app resolved some user's issues. I hope that helps. 

  • Dylan P

    Hi Dominick,

    Unfortunately no decrypt rules can only be added to IP addresses or IP ranges in a Palo alto firewall. If you are know a way of adding this to an app, please let me know?

    Are you able to get from your technical networking team a list of IP addresses/ address ranges your URL's point to so that we can add a no decrypt rule in to get our students up and running with multiplayer? 

    Appreciate your help. 

  • Justin Support
    Support Beacon of Knowledge

    Dylan P 

    Hey there, the majority of our URLs are CDNs so getting an IP for each one would be difficult and may change over time. It would be easier to get the IPs that the client communicates to using a PCap from your end, but the IPs still may change so it would not be ideal. 

    Our IT Admin guide also lists the subdomains if that helps at all: FAQ: IT Admin Guide – MEE ( 

    As Dominick mentioned, we've heard of other customers with Palo Alto using Minecraft: Education Edition past the new update without issues. We do not have a specific guide for specific firewall setups, so it may be best to contact that company on how to allow list URLs in their firewall product. 

  • Dylan P

    Thanks Justin. I'll reach out to Palo support and see if they could help us. 


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