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Won't Let me sign in



  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey Thomas!

    Thanks for reaching out. I would recommend checking if there is only one copy of Minecraft: Education Edition installed on your device, usually that is the culprit for this error.

  • Avneet T

    Yes it happens to my little sister too

  • hey,

    I am trying to play Minecraft with my best friend but Minecraft education edition 1.14 and Minecraft Education 1.19 is not working on my Microsoft laptop

    when I go onto Minecraft it is telling me I have to sign in but, it also says for me to check my wifi and internet connection in order to sign in and my wifi is perfectly fine

    I have tried to restart wifi and laptop, and restart Minecraft but nothing is working

    could you please help me ASAP because my friend is leaving soon to go on holiday and we want to play

    I have tried to uninstall Minecraft Education 1.19 but it's not allowing me to

    what do I do?

    OS: Windows 8 (I think)

    it's a surface pro-Microsoft

    running on perfectly good home wifi


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