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Beginner Minecraft Club



  • Dan Noble Community moderator
    Minecraft Certified Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    Hi Daniel, 

    That sounds great! 

    You can get most of what you'll need off of the Minecraft Education website.

    I've helped a lot of teachers get started with Minecraft in the classroom and for setting up clubs and have a ton of material I've put together for this purpose. If you're interested in getting a share to my material, let me know here and I'll have someone share our contact details. 

  • Debbie Alexander Community moderator
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    Dan has great stuff! For other things, here is a link to the library, where students can begin with basic tutorials on movement, and progress onward. Also, here is a link to a check-off list of skills:

  • Hello Dan and Debbie!

    Thank you so much for the info and the twitter link! Dan I'd love to hear more about your materials if you don't mind. Let me know how I can get in contact!

    Best Regards,


  • Bryan Sanders Community moderator
    Bug Zapper Minecraft Certified Beacon of Knowledge Moderator Super Star

    I find that encouraging 'what if. . . ' scenarios helps students to blossom new ideas for what to build. After that, get a setup with a proper keyboard and mouse. I find that tablets and trackpads create more entry points but also more mess with the builds -- except for the iPad kids that have grown up with lots of dexterity on them.

    Other than that, go wild!

    ASWD, Shift, Space, E, Esc, Left and Right Click -- oh, and I recommend remapping the 'Pick Block' to a key on the keyboard . . . I use 'G' for GET Block. :-)

  • Thats sound cool 

  • ダニエル、仲間の教師。お元気ですか。私は日本から来たAZUです。私はあなたに例を挙げる準備ができています。必要に応じていつでもご連絡ください。ようこそ

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