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Minecraft World Crashing



  • Moderator

    Hello Mukhammadkodir,

    i'm John Erwin, a volunteer moderator

    Sorry to hear that, were you able to update your Minecraft Education Edition or tried reinstalling if the first one didn't work?

  • No it didnt work, we tried both but it still didnt work. The world keeps crashing everytime

  • Cindy Kuegeman

    I am an educator using Climate Futures: Transportation.  The world crashed for every student when they approached the end of the program.  They were not able to even begin the Challenge.  Very disappointing.  They tried reloading the world, signing out of the world and starting again, but every time that they approached the end, it would crash on them.  Thank you in advance for your help!

    Cindy Kuegeman

    Middle School Math and Science Teacher

  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    Thank you for reporting that lesson issue. I will send this to the creators to review and hopefully resolve soon. 

  • Sarah Elliott
    Bug Zapper Super Star

    I've been attempting to run this lesson and it's still badly bugged in that final section. Something in there is causing lag that gets worse in each part of that section until the game crashes. You can brute force your way through by reloading it, pushing a little further until it crashes again, and then keep repeating load-walk-crash-reload until you can clear the final checkpoint. Once you clear the rocket stage, the insane lag resolves and the game goes back to normal, but you have to KNOW it happens to be motivated to reload the game that many times. I can see most people just giving up on the second or third crash.


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