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Some problems during the Minecraft lessons.



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    Hi, Bootcraft Club Sorry you are having a few problems, there! I'm so glad you are teaching coding! If you have students working on PCs, remember that they need to go back to the same device they were using before to get back to their worlds. Worlds are saved locally on the device where they are played, not to a cloud or server. It is important for users t know which device they were using. Do you think this could be part of the problem?

    It is true that MakeCode does not have all of the blocks which are in every update. Each coding language has a different set of blocks and a different set of capabilities. For example, Python Azure Notebooks can place block which MakeCode Python cannot. Also, there are block commands which are able to access player information which is not available in Python AZNB. This is just an implementation difference.

    On the other hand, when blocks are placed, leaving error messages can mean different things. If you mean a block ~has been placed~ and you are getting error messages, that would be very interesting. I'd like to see the code, if I could, and a screenshot, if possible of the message. But when a block is trying to be placed, but cannot be placed for some reason (another block is in the way, there are no more blocks, the user does not have permission to place blocks) these are errors which occur and can be fixed.

    Let us know what's going on; we want to help! (and tell us about your club!)


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