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Meet our Newest Mentors!



  • Randy Mao

    Hi, I'm Pucheng Mao , I don't know why my account can't log into the forum since the last month.

    So, I registered a new account. Who can help me solve this problem?

    ---------------------------------My Self-introduction-------------------------------

    Hello everyone, my name is Mao Pucheng and I am from Zhejiang, China. 

    I am a STEAM teacher.  mainly teaching Python language and Arduino Project. I usually enjoy trekking, and sometimes I take my students on a hike.

    I have a 10 year old son who loves to play Minecraft. He teaches me how to play Minecraft. Then I discovered Minecraft Education Edition. I brought Minecraft to my python class, the students loved it and our class became so much fun.

    I am very happy to join the big family, but my spoken English is not very good, I hope to explore MCEE with you.

  • Nadine Ebri

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Nadine Ebri and I serve as a district specialist with the Technology Innovation Department in Jacksonville, Florida. I taught for over eight years in Duval County before becoming a specialist for the district. During the 2020-2021 school year, I was selected as one of the top five finalists for Duval County Public School's 2021 Teacher of the Year. After seeing the impact of hip-hop education on learning through my students’ viral hip-hop videos, I sought to explore ways to impact students' interest and engagement through game-based learning. I now coach under the Utilizing and Leveraging Technology to Reinvent Accessibility (U.L.T.R.A) Grant and facilitate meaningful field trips to the Minecraft Education Edition Lab for elementary students throughout Jacksonville, Florida! While in the lab, I model for teachers how to integrate Minecraft Education Edition into their instructional practices. Students throughout Jacksonville can come into the lab to receive game-based instruction on any topic their teacher chooses. I also go into classrooms to model for teachers how to teach using Minecraft Education Edition.

  • Hello new Mentors! Excited to learn with and from you all here. I am on Twitter and blog at One of my favorite Minecraft Education projects was the Sustainability Shuffle building with other classrooms around the globe and tackling the UN Global Goals.

  • Dan Thomas

    Hello All  Dan Thomas from Jamestown NY.  I am a 7-12 Technology Teacher at Southwestern.   Looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer.  Really excited to connect with some awesome educators.

  • Hello everyone
    I'm Hanan Hanafy Mahmoud
    From Alexandria Egypt. I'm supervisor senior teacher. Microsoft master trainer
    MIEE 2022
    I'm so proud to be member of Minecraft mentor community ❤️

  • Hello all!  I'm Catrina Hunzeker from Tampa, Florida.  I am a middle school computer science teacher. I am so excited to be part of this Minecraft Mentor community! 


  • Renee Dawson

    Hi! I'm Renee, an Ed Tech Specialist in Atlanta, GA. I also manage the Verizon Innovative Learning School and Lab initiatives at Long Middle School in Atlanta. I'm happy to be a part of this community!

  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Jessica Edwards and am from South Africa. 

    I am the Head of Educational Technology at Holy Rosary School and I also teach grade 4 English and grade R computers. I facilitate a Minecraft club at school and have taken part in 2 Minecraft e-sports competitions. I am very passionate about CS and STEM.

    I am very excited to be apart of the Global Minecraft Mentor family. 

  • Nico Chiari

    Hello everybody! I'm Nico, from Argentina but I'm currently living in and representing Spain

    I come from the video game industry, and I'm a Minecraft player since launch. Video games teached me a lot (I'm writing this right now because I've learned English by playing video games! 😅), so I wanted to show the world that video games can be powerful learning tools. Around 2012 I found out that Minecraft was beign used as a game-based learning tool around the globe, so I didn't hesitate and jumped at the opportunity to do my bit using the game that I love.

    That's when I formed a group with a colleague and together started working alongside different teachers, schools and clubs, creating worlds and planning lessons within Minecraft together. The results were so possitive that, a couple of years later, we had the opportunity to work with Microsoft coaching teachers on the use of MC as a learning tool.

    I found out about the mentoring program recently, and it made sense for me to become a mentor, since it's a perfect way to share my knowledge in Minecraft and help teachers and educators around the world to create awesome educational activities.

    So if there's any way I can assist you, don't hesitate to ask me, I'll be more than glad to lend you a hand! 🤗

  • Hello my name is Allison McGrath. I am a District Specialist with the Technology Innovation department. I currently run a Minecraft Lab for my district where we facilitate field trips for Elementary Schools and work with a grant called U.L.T.R.A. where we teach teachers how to integrate Minecraft Education Edition into their classrooms.  I love using Minecraft Education Edition with students, it allows students to learn at their own pace and provides an equal opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge.

  • Moderator Beacon of Light Super Star

    Ashlee Vice It's so exciting to see you here! Welcome aboard! There are great Minecraft folks in the Carolinas! I am in Maryland. I look forward to hearing about your journey here.

    Michael Drezek Hey, we are friends on Twitter already, and I am hoping to see you in some joint projects in the future with some mutual friends!

    Benjamin Scott I cannot wait to hear what your take is on the chemistry applications for making ice bombs from sodium acetate and all other things science cool!

  • Usman Ahmad

    Hello everyone.

  • Hello everyone! I teach Life Skills for Insight PA and have been having so much fun using Minecraft Edu in the classroom. I am looking forward to seeing all of your amazing ideas and creations and can't wait to collaborate with you!

  • Hello everyone! I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida and I'm employed by Duval County Public Schools as a Technology Innovation Coordinator. My background in Management Information Systems from New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a former math teacher, gives me the unique opportunity to help educators and students foster growth, creativity, and authenticity with the use of technology. My love of Minecraft was inspired by my son Doryan who is very smart, but needed a way to enhance his emotional and social learning abilities. We started playing Minecraft together as part of family fun night and it grew into us building and adding other family and friends to create worlds and collaborate as a community. 

  • Panagiotis Kakaletris

    Hello from Greece! I am Panagiotis Kakaletris, the headmaster at Moraitis Primary School. I am the ICT Coordinator and I teach programming languages and educational programs. In our School we enhance collaboration, creativity, imagination and problem solving within a secure digital environment through Minecraft Education Edition. It's a new way to think, to express your emotions, to build historical buildings and recreate historical periods.

    Minecraft is addressed to both beginners and experienced users and is structured with the logic of project-based learning. Our students carry out interdisciplinary tasks by combining mathematics, physics, history, geography and literature with drawing and symmetry. They practice presenting their digital creations with their secrets to other children within the School community and participate in educational communities exploring digital worlds from projects of children and teachers from all over the world.

    I am really excited to be a part of the Global Minecraft Mentor family and share my experience with other educators!


  • Hassan Singer

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Hassan Singer and I work in IT at a private school in North York. Been playing Minecraft all my life, and it will be an amazing experience to teach and help others do the same. I have started multiple clubs incorporating and teaching Minecraft in everyday class use, and 99% the students are the teachers, as they already know so much! I cannot wait to see the future of Minecraft, and watch it grow so much!

  • Ashlee Vice

    Hi, I'm Ashlee Vice. I am a teacher at Stride, Inc. - Cyber Academy of South Carolina. I am so excited to be a Minecraft mentor and become a part of this community. I'm looking forward to building connections with you all and collaborating on exciting, innovative lessons and worlds to use with our students! 

  • Hi, I'm Ben a secondary school (11-18yr) science teacher. I  mainly teach chemistry and biology. I am also a digital lead in my school who is always looking  at ways of using EduTech in the classroom. I look forward to connecting and learning from other mentors.

  • Kate Simpson

    Hey everyone! Kate here from Florida. I am lucky to be part of a federal grant program that supports K-5 Science teachers with the use of Minecraft: Education Edition, as well as the use of MS 365 accessibility tools, with students to open up learning for all! I am so excited to be a part of the mentor community and the opportunity to learn from so many M:EE experts. Learning through play has proven to be key in students experiencing success and encouraging their engagement. LOVE what M:EE offers in the expansion of teaching and learning!!

  • Matthew Smith

    Hi fellow miners and crafters, I am Matthew Smith. I am the Head of Student Progress and EdTech at Dulwich International High School Suzhou in China.

    I have been using Minecraft on and off since it was first designed in 2009 and then officially released in 2011. I still enjoy playing the vanilla version and am excited for the deep dark to be released in the latest update. I am patiently waiting for my 6 year old to be old enough to play and build with me on a shared world.

    I enjoy building and creating interesting red-stone devices. My current project is making a copy of the school I work at with interactive NPC's for new students to have a wander around and learn more about their school. The most difficult part was the creation of the school crest through maps.

    Look forward to working and mentoring you in the future! 

    Feel free to get in contact with me:


    twitter: @The_biology_guy

    wechat: thebiologyguy


  • Hi Mao Pucheng!  I am Kim Niebauer from Jacksonville, FL, USA.  I teach kids ages 5-11 in a Gifted resource pull out setting, which means different age level each day.  I am fortunate enough to be able to write my own curriculum since I teach enrichment so I focus heavily on science and technology.  My students love Minecraft and I use it as a way to extend my lessons, most often at the end of a research project.  My favorite lesson so far has been one I do with my 4th graders about National Parks.  My students research a NP and then they re-create the NP in MC.  They use NPCs and boards to be able to tell what they have learned about the NPs while building and creating recognizable features of the NPs.  It is a lot of fun for them and me too.  

  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Jennifer and I am a Technology Training Integration Specialist in Georgia. I've taught elementary and middle school students. Currently, I conduct technology professional development for teachers and students. I have been using Minecraft: Education Edition for several years as a classroom teacher. I enjoy helping teachers and students learn with Minecraft: Education Edition! I am excited to be a mentor and join this community! 😃


  • Hello everyone! I am Katerina Chatzigeorgiou and i am from Greece. I work as an ICT teacher at Moraitis Primary School. My real passion is educational technology but the last 2 years i discovered, through my principal at school Panagiotis Kakaletris, Minecraft. I cooparate with him in order to promote Minecraft to be a part of school curriculum and also participate in the Minecraft lessons at Moraitis Minecraft Lab. We enhance collaboration, creativity, imagination and problem solving within a secure digital environment. The program we have in our school is addressed to both beginners and experienced users and is structured with the logic of project-based learning. Our students undertake to carry out interdisciplinary tasks by combining mathematics, physics, history, geography and literature with drawing and symmetry. Through collaboration they create real or imaginary worlds and accurately depict historical periods. 

    I'm really happy to be member of Minecraft Community!

  • Kevin Tan

    Hello all,

    Kevin Tan from Malaysia. Looking to connect with fellow mentors into world building. Very happy to be here.

  • Hey world changers! I am Kaitlynn Cooper and I teach in northern Nevada (on the west coast of the USA). I teach English and love finding ways to engage students with their communication and literacy skills through the many opportunities that M:EE offers. I am very excited to be a part of the mentor community and look forward to building relationships with you!

  • Ashley Faulkner

    So happy to be a part of this community!

    My name is Ashley Faulkner and I am a STEM Learning Coach in Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington, Kentucky. Part of my job is increasing STEM initiatives in our district, teaching on our district's STEM Bus, and coaching teachers on how to integrate STEM into their classrooms. 

    I have helped start the movement in my district with district-wide challenges and Girls Who Game partnership with Dell.


    Follow me on social media @frizzle_of_fcps 



  • Moderator Beacon of Light Super Star

    This is so incredibly exciting, to see you all, from all over the world, as well as to see some specifics of all the amazing things you are doing in your localities! I am eager to learn more from you and watch as we all build together in this great MC community! 

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Light Super Star

    Hello, Pucheng Mao I'm sorry for the sign in problems! I have to sign in at the site first and then go all the way into a post before I can sign in over here, right now. The smart folks are working on fixing it! But I am very happy to see you here whether you log in as Randy Mao or otherwise. I am especially happy to hear that you code in Python and enjoy STEM and physical coding.  I really hope that we can connect, collaborate and learn from one another. I am sure you have many incredible things to show me, and I hope I can hear more about your son using Minecraft (since my grandson is crazy about it now that I have taught him how!)

  • Alvaro Brito

    My educational and professional journey has always been centered around being an agent of change for the betterment of my community. All the teachers who have inspired and motivated me to excel academically drive my work today. I received my BA in Psychology and a minor in Education from the University of California, Irvine. My passion for education and teaching was ignited as I completed my courses and participated in student teaching. Shortly after I pursued my MA in Teaching from the University of Southern California with a concentration in Single Subject Social Studies. I taught high school social sciences for 5 years before I received my MS in Educational Technology from Cal State University Fullerton. This degree fueled my passion for integrating educational technology to ignite innovation and project-based learning in the classroom. This degree opened the door to serve in my current role as a 21st Century Learning Specialist and Esports General Manager. I support educators with technology and innovation, including Minecraft EDU. Currently, I am culminating my final advanced degree as I am a doctorate student achieving my EdD in Educational Technology.


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