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Minecraft education install error, I uninstalled it and when I re installed it shows something like "Access denied" and I tried everything I could



  • Bryan Sanders Community moderator
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    strange -- Penny

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  • Debbie Alexander Community moderator
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    Hi, Ramana Perumalla - Can I ask a few more questions? It sounds like you are trying some great troubleshooting ideas! I'm sorry this is giving you problems.

    Which version of Windows is the comupter on? Are you in a networked location? In other words, are the computers ones you log onto with log on credentials at different stations? Is this a single station with problems, among many stations? Or is this a stand-alone computer with problems? I hope I don't sound picky, but I am wondering if you are running into some of the permissions issues my school has run into in the past. 

    I am assuming you used the add/remove programs utility to delete the install. That's the case? Hang in there. I'm sure the great support folks will get you all fixed!

    You may want to peek at this:

  • Ramana Perumalla

    Hello there! Thank you for replying, I will answer your questions rn.


    Windows Version - 10 (updated)

    Networked Location - No I'm on my personal network at my home

    Computers Credentional Stations - Yes

    Single Station - I guess Yes

    It is my personal laptop.


    Yeah I used the add/remove programs utility to delete the installer.


    And thanks for your suggestions but its fixed now. I used the MinecraftEdu Troubleshooter.






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