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Chromebooks Having Visual Issues when Coding



  • Official comment
    Justin Support
    Bug Zapper Support Beacon of Knowledge

    Thanks for this report! We're aware of these visual errors in Codebuilder in the newer versions of ChromeOS. We're investigating this issue with Google. Feel free to post additional details here if you'd like. 

  • My students have found out that its due to the ChromeOS update 101 that is causing this issue.  Hopefully there is a fix coming out soon

  • Just wanted to upvote this because my students are experiencing the same thing - hoping for a fast fix! Thank you for bringing this up Josh, and thank you Justin for the update!

  • This is still an issue on the Asus Chromebook CX5400. The code builder can't really be used because of the massive amounts of graphical issues. Is there any way of fixing it? 

  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there, sorry to hear you are having issues.

    One thing that may work is to roll back the ChromeOS on the devices to ChromeOS version 96 or earlier. On our end, it only seems to happen on v97 and later. Definitely test with one device first though. There is no ETA I can provide for a solution at this time.

  • Daniel Fitzgerald

    Hello Danny,

    Thank you for the update. Unfortunately, we are unable to roll back our ChromeOS as they are updated by the school system, and there are other apps that we need the latest versions of OS for. If there is any way I can support, or if there is a way I can escalate this issue, that would be amazing - we have a lot of students interested in a Minecraft Coding Club, so I'm hoping to help fix this soon! I understand it is a complex issue and may take some time, but please let me know if I can support or if there are any other updates.


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