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Minecraft freezes at sign in


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  • Dominick Support Team

    I am sorry to hear you are having issues logging in. The first thing to try is to login to the device with the email you want to login to Minecraft Education with. It sounds like the device is pulling the login information from the cached information with the email you signed into the device with.

    With Chromebooks we are seeing that if users update the google play store to its newest version that the login process for Minecraft Education fails and loops. Once the users reverted the play store back to an earlier build the login process would then go through.
    If this is a MAC, what you described is SSO you can disable SSO without launching the game, you will need to navigate to this folder in

    Finder: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraftpe/games/com.mojang/minecraftpe
    open the options.txt file and Command+F to find the line ad_use_single_sign_on:1 and change it to ad_use_single_sign_on:0

    That should disable the SSO for the next login attempt. Hopefully it won't hang or crash. Let me know your findings. 


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