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Minecraft is freezing when i open it



  • Penny Support Team
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Support Team Member

    Hi Aidan, I've opened a ticket with the support desk. Watch your inbox for an email.

  • Arvie Kwan

    I have a similar issue, after attempting to login to the app, the app freezes when attempting "Downloading Resources".  I have to force quit the app and on attempting to start the app again, I don't have the opportunity to change the login, the app tries to login with the same account and then freeze again when attempting "Downloading Resources".

    My Mac  - MacOS 12.3.1, Apple M1 Pro chip. 

    M.E.E. v1.17.32

  • Arvie Kwan

    I also tried the M.E.E Beta and the same freezing happens.

  • Arvie Kwan

    Penny Please have a look at this.

  • Dominick Support Team

    Hi @Arvie Kwan,

    We've been seeing a slight trend of Macs on Monterey and Big Sur experiencing a crash on app launch with a "Downloading resources" error message on the following launch. Our developers are still investigating this issue, but at this time we have one possible workaround. If that does not work, you may have to wait until we or Apple are able to release a fix, and I don't have an ETA on how long that could take. Here's one workaround that sometimes resolves the issue:

    Go ahead and try to clear the cache for Minecraft: Education Edition on the affected Macs:

    • Go to Library > cache > com.minecraftpe
    • Move those folders to the desktop
    • Delete them from the com.minecraftpe 

    This should clear a cache that may be causing the issue. It’s an experimental step, so it’s worth backing up the worlds on the device before trying. Let us know if that works for a single log in, multiple, or not at all.

    Let us know if that works or not. If not, please let us know what firewall and proxy you have on the network and the device. The more details about when this issue happens vs when it does not, the better. Also, any details about the differences between the macs that have the issue and the ones that wouldn't help as well. Thank you for your patience in this. 

  • Bryan Sanders Community moderator
    Bug Spotter Minecraft Certified Beacon of Knowledge Moderator Expert (Gold)

    I'm on Mac. I see those error messages intermittently. Have not caused any gameplay issues, though.


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