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  • Andrew L Support Team
    Expert (Gold)

    Hi there Mohamad Boksmati. I have a guide here that might help! Let me know if you have additional questions:

    Minecraft: Education Edition Lesson Plans – Minecraft: Education Edition Support

  • Dan Noble Community moderator
    Minecraft Certified Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Moderator

    Hi Mohamad Boksmati

    There's a lot of different things you can use!

    Slates, posters, boards & NPCs are excellent for this purpose (you can grab them from the inventory). They all support copy paste (so you can copy text from a document and paste it into the item). I'd recommend writing in a document first in case you accidentally break one of the items. 

    Each of these also supports Immersive Reader. 

    For the NPC, you'll have to enter the command /wb before you can start placing them. 

    Hope this helps!


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