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Python Azure Notebooks Multiple commands broken, many student projects lost



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    Micah M
    Beacon of Knowledge

    Hi Debbie Alexander,

    I think you are referring to the latest beta (1.18.10)? We did change how the back end coding APIs connect the client to the IDE with the goal of making them more reliable for our IDE partners. Unfortunately, it caused a few problems with all 3 IDEs (MakeCode, Tynker and Python Notebooks) and everyone is working to fix them now. We hope to have most of those issues resolved before the next beta and all issues addressed before our next release. There are no planned deprecations or expected user visible changes as a result of these updates.



  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Micah-M - is there a deprecation list for Python Azure Notebooks? Or is this a glitch? Can the list be made available or is there a plan in place? 

    **************** edit ******************

    As always, thank you, Micah! I do have the 1.17.32 version running, but I appreciate the info! and Yippee!!!! for no planned deprecations!!!!!

  • Micah M
    Beacon of Knowledge

    Ok, if you are using 1.17.32 that is concerning then. Can you help me understand exactly what is broken? It sounds like:

    • player.on_chat
    • pos()
    • world.time

    Were there any others? I'll have our team look at those in that build and see what's going on.



  • Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Oh my gosh, Micah-M I am officially moved to complete newbie status in one post!!!

    I copied Python text commands from a Makecode project into the Azure notebook window.

    I am a humbled dunderhead. I am so very sorry to waste your time!

  • Micah M
    Beacon of Knowledge

    An honest mistake and a totally understandable one. It would be great if we could make the transition between MakeCode Python and Azure Notebooks Python more similar, but without supporting both APIs in both places, I'm not sure we could make that work. An interesting idea would be to at least provide helpful errors when someone uses the wrong set of APIs for the IDE.

    Thanks for following up on the resolution.



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