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game crashes in 10 minutes



  • COCO BB8

    1) Did you try clearing your computer's cache? This often can help.

    2) Running too many resources/behaviour packs can cause the game to heat, which can be a source of crash. As well, some specific packs can crash the game themselves!

    3) Lower your render distance! The higher it is, the more your RAM and CPU need to run.

    4) Maybe try shutting your computer and booting it up again?

    5) If all that still doesn't work, then you can export your worlds, uninstall MEE, install it again, and re-import your world to see if all works correctly.

    Hope this helped!

  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    I apologize for the confusion here. Minecraft: Education Edition does not support custom skins, mods, or texture packs. This helps keep Minecraft: Education Edition stable, as many of these mods aren't designed for Education Edition.


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