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I think that my world is corrupted



  • Bryan Sanders Community moderator
    Bug Spotter Minecraft Certified Beacon of Knowledge Moderator Expert (Gold)

    Did you happen to install any mods or resource packs? Those will corrupt worlds in MinecraftEdu.

  • Juan Cordero

    And there is no way to fix the world?

  • Andrew L Support Team
    Expert (Gold)

    Hi Juan Cordero. If you used mods or custom skins this may have corrupted your world. Minecraft: Education, as Bryan Sanders has mentioned, is not compatible with these third party tools. These can cause world corruption that we are unable to assist with. 

  • Anastasia cook

    i cannot put down npc's and update a skin



  • Dominick Support Team

    I apologize for the confusion here. Minecraft: Education Edition does not support custom skins, mods, or texture packs. This helps keep Minecraft: Education Edition stable, as many of these mods aren't designed for Education Edition. 



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