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Minecraft EDU is not letting me in



  • Andrew L

    Hi there GoodSideAlien Studio's. Can you provide the error message exactly as it's written or provide a screenshot of it for us? Thank you!

  • This is happening to me. I put in my password and it loads. but it just takes me to the sign in screen

  • Bryan Sanders
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    Make sure your account is active with your school.

  • so.. if its not active will it be able to let me in just keep bringing me to the sing in screen? if so... that's probably the problem.

  • nevine asfour

    Thanks for reaching out . Have you checked the computers to make sure there is only one version of the game on there? That means no other install files also you cannot have the Windows App version of the game and the Desktop version of the game on the same device, otherwise this type of error message will always happen.


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