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  • M C

    If you downloaded them from mcpedl then to linkvertise or just to linkvertise then to mediafire hitting download, then click the file at the bottom of your screen that has the Minecraft Ed logo then the app it should say "importing..." then "successfully imported Hardcore by blah blah blah" then make a new world or an existing one with no addons on it, click resource packs, "my packs" click the one you want, click "activate" then go to behavior packs and do the same thing then create or go into the world and wait. That should work. If not then your probably not on a computer, pc, or laptop. Cause all of those instructions worked for me and others.

  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    Hi, Minecraft: Education Edition does not support mods downloaded from other websites.  You may be able to get them to work but be very careful and backup all of your worlds before doing this.  External mods can corrupt your worlds, your entire Minecraft: Education Edition installation, or in some cases introduce malware to your device.


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