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Access any created world from any account



  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    So, essentially you are talking about treating the mcworld files as if they are a shared file on a drive? 

    Or are you wishing for a way for your students to more easily export their worlds? New students and little ones are probably not good at that. 

    Maybe I'm not understanding you, but it sounds to me like you are requesting a feature in which students could auto-export their worlds. (for example, the url supplied in the classroom area could be a destination for an auto export upon exiting the world.) Is this the idea?

    Thanks for engaging!

  • nevine asfour

    I totally agree with Debbie . At the end of each lesson the team leader of each group ( each group consists of 4 students) export and upload their world in Microsoft Teams

  • Dani Noble
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    The process of exporting and importing is not the most intuitive, especially for students who are not familiar with how file management works on their respective types of devices. 

    I created a couple of videos and posted them on YouTube for my student workshops: Chomebooks, PC. Still need to do one for iPad. 

    I also created step-by-step instructions for the various platforms Minecraft is available on if anyone needs it.  

  • Marine Bocquet

    @Debbie Alexander

    No, I mean adding a toggle to turn off the world ownership if a teacher needs it.

    Here is an exemple:
    An update or two ago when one of our students used one of the school computer, they connected to their account, then created a world.
    The next day another student could use the same computer, with their own account. When they went to the worlds menu, they could see the world of the previous day student.

    Now this wasn't good because it could lead to deleted worlds, and it's good that they added a counter for that, but it did allow us teacher, if needed, to go on the computer a student had used that day, and connect to our account, to export the world for them. (if they forgot to do it for exemple). Now in order to do so, we need to ask the IT team for the students account info, which we're all reluctant to do, or tell the student to wait the next class.

    I was wondering if there was a way to (temporarily) allow a user to see all the world present on the current computer, even if said user isn't the one who made them. A little toggle tucked away in the option menu for exemple

    Obviously there isn't, but if other teachers find it a good idea, it might be worth thinking on adding


    thanks anyway for everyone trying to help!


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