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My Minecraft Education Edition isn't working.



  • Aarav Jain

    did you manage to fix it?

  • Aleece Landis
    Expert (Gold)

    I'm not an expert on this, I'm still avoiding upgrading to Win 11.  But you might try opening a help ticket first (up in your profile on the site, Submit a Help Request.)

    If there are any worlds or packs you need to save, go into your files and save those folders elsewhere as a backup before you do anything. 

    Then, if you don't hear back from support on the help ticket, you might want to try uninstalling the app and reinstalling fresh.

  • Dominick Support Team

    This may be due to permissions, and you will need elevated account settings to allow you to install. If you don't have admin privileges it won't let you install. One other fix may be to move the install file from your downloads to your document folder and try running it from there. If none of this works as Aleece mentioned you can create a ticket to get help. 


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