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The agent. the inability to place them, the need to manually orient their direction and the inability to have multiple agents are all huge downsides. the codebuilder also lacks the undo feature, which is a huge downside.



  • Debbie Alexander
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    Minecraft in general lack an undo function! It hurts sometimes, so I tend to back up my worlds frequently to keep from feeling the pain! =D

    As for placing the agent, if you are working in Python Azure Notebooks, the agent can be teleported. There are commands just added in the new update which allow the agent to have its direction oriented with code. See the link below for the new commands. 

    Multiple agents is an interesting idea. I think with the builder and the agent both in the MakeCode version, even if you ran code for each, they wouldn't be running in parallel, right? I think The villagers who run shops are a cool function though. Maybe we can train some to build somehow! =]

    Let me know if the new Azure Notebooks commands help at all. Have a Happy New Year.

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