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I can't activate RTX for Minecraft EE



  • Justin Support Team
    Beacon of Knowledge Support Team Member Expert (Gold)

    Hey there @João Pedro Barros,  

    Not every world supports Ray Tracing. Also, are you trying to enable this on a world that utilizes Ray Tracing supported resources? Currently, Minecraft: Education Edition's lessons are not built with Resource Packs that utilize Raytracing, however Bedrock edition does have some in its Marketplace. You MAY be able to bring that world over to Minecraft: Education Edition, but sometimes bringing worlds over causes issues. 

    You might be able to use ";" to toggle ray tracing, but I'd also try enabling Raytracing in your settings from the main menu. If you load into a world and it turns off, it is likely that world doesn't support Raytracing. 

    Here is an article with more info. Let me know if you have other questions! 


    Hi Justin.

    I have a question, will education edition ever add RTX support?



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