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AADSTS50020 error



  • Penny Support Team
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Support Team Member

    I'm sorry to hear that you are running into this login error.  This error indicates that you are logging in with a personal Microsoft account.    Minecraft: Education Edition does not use the same login system that the consumer versions of Minecraft use.  In order to access Minecraft: Education Edition, you'll need to have a Microsoft 365 school or business account.   You can use this school or business account to access a free trial of Minecraft: Education Edition, and you can always try out a demo lesson without logging in.  Read more:  Try Minecraft: Education Edition for free

    If you would like to purchase a license to get full access, you can read about your purchase options here:  Purchasing Options for Minecraft: Education Edition Licenses

  • Daniel Bennett Schmidt

    Hi Penny, thanks for getting back to me.  So you're telling me that unless I have a Microsoft 365 account, I can't use Minecraft: Education Edition? why doesn't it tell me this at the login? this is absolutely moronic. Why does Microsoft do things like this?


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