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AADSTS50020 error



  • Penny Support Team

    I'm sorry to hear that you are running into this login error.  This error indicates that you are logging in with a personal Microsoft account.    Minecraft: Education Edition does not use the same login system that the consumer versions of Minecraft use.  In order to access Minecraft: Education Edition, you'll need to have a Microsoft 365 school or business account.   You can use this school or business account to access a free trial of Minecraft: Education Edition, and you can always try out a demo lesson without logging in.  Read more:  Try Minecraft: Education Edition for free

    If you would like to purchase a license to get full access, you can read about your purchase options here:  Purchasing Options for Minecraft: Education Edition Licenses

  • Daniel Bennett Schmidt

    Hi Penny, thanks for getting back to me.  So you're telling me that unless I have a Microsoft 365 account, I can't use Minecraft: Education Edition? why doesn't it tell me this at the login? this is absolutely moronic. Why does Microsoft do things like this?


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