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Classroom Mode Freezes



  • Daniel Lopez

    I cant sign in i literally disappears in a second and says my connection is poor but its not and I signed in every minecraft website and does the same.

  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    Hi - Classroom mode can see decreased performance as the amount of users increases.  Best you can do is turn render distance and simulation distance as far down as possible so less needs to be sent to classroom mode. 

  • Steve Youngs

    Classroom mode would be great if it worked.  It constantly freezes with my class of 15 students and is useless.  Very frustrating as it is an important tool when using Minecraft Ed as an educational resource.

  • Bryan Sanders
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    I'm not sure Classroom Mode has been updated in a while. I agree it could be great, but it needs work. We should make a task force on this, Penny.

  • Steve Youngs

    When I am in Classroom mode, the entire platform stalls and freezes.  Being able to pause the game is essential for me.  I am not sure what would be involved in making a task force, but anything that would solve this problem would be wonderful.

  • Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Steve Youngs in the meantime, you can use this great teacher hack to freeze your students. Check this video:

  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    Steve Youngs were you able to try Penny's idea? "Classroom mode can see decreased performance as the amount of users increases.  Best you can do is turn render distance and simulation distance as far down as possible so less needs to be sent to classroom mode." 

  • Steve Youngs

    I will give it a try when I teach the class this Tuesday.  I did watch the video recommended by Debbie but did not see that particular tip...  I am an extreme novice to Minecraft!

  • Alex S

    This is pathetic. This issue of a substandard classroom mode has been going on for years and teachers have put up with a heavily reduced classroom mode interface since Microsoft took over from Mojang Studios!

    I cannot fathom how the original MinecraftEdu interface was and still is light years ahead of today's Microsoft classroom mode. 

    Microsoft have obviously given up. Surely someone else out there can create a new classroom mode? It is a standalone program after all isn't it? All the programmer has to do is copy all the commands and functions the original MinecraftEdu had.

    They can even charge for it. I would happily pay!

    MinecraftEdu Video

  • Justin Support
    Support Beacon of Knowledge

    Alex S For clarification, are you referring to the Classroom mode settings in the Minecraft: Education Edition app, or the separate Minecraft: Education Edition Classroom mode app? The current separate classroom mode app has many of these features. Which are you currently most interested in. 

    We do want to improve the classroom mode app even further, so definitely let us know what you'd like added. Thanks!

  • Alex S

    Justin Thanks for the quick reply! This is in reference to both, but yes, I use the separate app as it is handy to have Minecraft playing on one screen while another screen has the Classroom Mode app.

    The improvements on the new Classroom Mode app:

    • map
    • ability to drag and drop individual students or all on a map
    • see chat
    • having a separate app does work better for me (as stated above) but the disadvantage is that it takes longer to access (login seems unnecessarily convoluted) and is prone to crashing (which is the thread topic).

    What is missing on the new app (* although some may be found in the settings of the MC program itself) or is better on the old Minecraft Edu Teacher Menu app (see video for more):

    • teleport self to spawn
    • movement speed
    • toggle allowing Nether & The End
    • toggle allowing day/night cycle *
    • freeze students WHILE also allowing teacher to move
    • Player Management
      - search player function
      - ability to select individual students to remove chat, build, move
    • set assignments for students and ability to see which students have completed them
    • give items/blocks to one, some or all students (and to yourself) (when not in creative mode).
    • see and teleport to stations
    • Building Tool Management for teacher
      - toggle build mode
      - long distance building
      - fill/clear tool
      - undo functions

    I've bolded my favourites.

    In past forums, over the many years, teachers requesting these simple updates have been responded with suggestions of, for example, don't change the program, change the way we teach. Or, just learn how to command.

    To these responses, I suggest that yes, to the more skilled technical teachers out there, they could get around some of these issues. But to the every day teacher who simply wants quick access to control their lesson/world or is one that does not use Minecraft often, remembering all commands and/or setting up the lesson to cater for the lack of control is a major disincentive. 

    Again, thanks for the response and willingness to improve the current classroom mode app. I really hope it can be not only placed on par with the old app but improved beyond. 

    I'm happy to assist wherever needed.

  • Justin Support
    Support Beacon of Knowledge

    Alex S Thank you for those ideas and the feedback. I agree that even if some features are technically possible for those with the know-how, it is hard (and time consuming) to earn that know-how (a separate issue I'm trying to fix by improving advanced documentation), but we need something for the new and the majority of educators to make it easier to use in the classroom.

    I'll forward these great ideas to the developers. We do have some plans which I can't go into detail about for improving the classroom mode app (and in-client settings), but I can't discuss them at this time. I should also mention that some of them may be further out as we balance them with other changes we're working on. If you or others have feedback for classroom mode, feel free to send it to us here or in the Feature Wishlist section. It also helps to know how many people are crashing with classroom mode app, so for others experiencing this issue please submit a ticket or post in this thread to let us know!

    As for troubleshooting the classroom mode app if it is crashing, there are a few things that generally help crashing:

    • Update device OS
    • Uninstall and reinstall the classroom mode app
    • Run the classroom mode app as admin if possible
    • Ensure local firewall/antivirus have the app allowed as an exception

    I hope that helps! Thanks again for your passion around Minecraft: Education Edition and your desire to see it improved!

  • Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    I move that we create a subcommittee to study Classroom Mode. Can I hear a second?

  • Alex S


    As I said, I'm happy to provide input to an updated version from an "average Joe teacher" POV or wherever needed.


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