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Help with seeing my project using different devices


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  • Penny Support Team
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    I am really sorry that your class is having this issue.  From your description of the problem, I think I may know what is happening.  All worlds created by students are saved to the device that they work on, but are only accessible to that student when they login to that particular device.  If you students aren't logging on to the same devices every day, they will not see the worlds that they created the last time they worked on a different device.
    If the student can find the device they were last working on, they should be able to find their worlds.
    I really apologize for this confusion.  If you would like to have students work on different devices, you can have them export and save their worlds, then upload them to a cloud storage drive.  This article has more information on how to do this:  Importing and Exporting Your Worlds


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