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GOAT Update (1.17.30) Feedback



  • Nicholas Joosten

    What is the point in having Structure Blocks import if you can only import from the world you export from?

    The clone command already does this.


    It would be really useful for many teachers to be able export/and import structures from one world to the next.

    For example I set up a simple  start space and timeout space for every class using command blocks to remove things like chorus_fruit which are destructive and a distraction.  If I could import my space each time it would save a lot of time.

    I posted this comment yesterday got a response from Penny:

    , but it requires some advance world scripting.  You can save/load in the same world using the name field in the block. To load a structure into a different world, you need to save the .mcstructure and put it into a behavior pack so that it will show up in the name field of a different worlds.

    We don't have native support for behavior packs, so if you do go down this path make sure to export and save all of your worlds in case something goes haywire.


    This really isn't good enough for a classroom tool.  Maybe focus more on features for teachers rather than Nether exansions etc that are useless in the classroom.


    I'm reposting this because since "Justin" edited this post, the old comments don't show up.

  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Light Support

    Katie D I've opened a ticket with the support desk for you.  Check your inbox for an email from us, and when you get it you can attach or send a link to the video.  Thanks for reporting this issue!


  • Justin

    Nicholas Joosten Thanks for your feedback. Structure block exports are also used to export builds to showcase in things like Mixed Reality. Our article here contains more info: 

  • Nicholas Joosten

    I know what they can be used for.  That is nothing new.

    I was looking forward to the update as it was announced that Structure Blocks could be used to load/save import/export whereas they could previously be used only to save/export.

    Having them set to only import/load from the same world they come from is next to useless.

  • Phu Mai

    I would like to mention that the bug reports that I filed in the GOAT Beta bug report are still apparent in the game. As well as this, I've noticed that you are unable to hold right-click to quickly place buckets of water, lava, fish, etc.

  • i cant update when i press the beta button or find out more it says I am not authorized

    I'm a student and I really want this working help pls


  • Aleece Landis

    Nicholas Joosten Structure Blocks CAN be used to import into other worlds.  You need to create a Behavior pack or have a handy behavior pack in the Development behavior packs folder that is applied to the world you want to import into.  You need a Structures folder in that behavior pack.  Take the exported structure files and place them into that Structures folder.  Then you launch minecraft and the world you want to import into, and you should be able to import those structure files into the world.

    I expect EduElfie will be coming out with a Behavior pack that can help with this (and probably other classroom management stuff) as well as tutorial videos.

  • Yorgos Lanarás

    Some of my classmates have minecraft education edition 1.17.30 but i got 1.14

  • Ashton Olsen

    I loved all the new features in the new update, haven't come across any bugs yet.Great job to all the education team. There is one thing i like to ask, and that is in the next update, I would that there be more NPCs. I recently ran into a problem with the minecarts, they are very glitchy, I not sure if this is because of the update.

  • Jennifer Brown

    This is what i do on my free time



    eu tô tentando atualizar há dois dias mas sempre dá erro, já tentei reiniciar, fechar e abrir de novo e até tentei desligar esperar algumas horas e abrir e sempre aparece a mesma cosa. E eu estava tentando com meu amigo e ele conseguiu de primeira sem problema algum. O que eu faço?



  • Nicholas Joosten

    @Aleece Landis that is needlessly complicated for simple flat worlds with the same conditions.

  • Aleece Landis

    Nicholas Joosten perhaps it is, but if you want to import structures into different worlds, you need the behavior pack with a structures folder so that you can get the structures into those other worlds.  If you have a behavior pack that you use for function files, Just add a structures folder into it and save the structures there.  If the Pack is kept in the Development behavior packs folder, you can add and edit it without worrying about it getting saved into the world file and making have to add or edit in multiple places.

  • Nicholas Joosten

    Aleece Landis This is a feedback on new update thread.  I'm just giving some feedback on a feature that is highly requested, was promised in this update, and is needlessly over complicated.  Please stop telling me how to work around it as this doesn't fix the problem that it is not well implemented. 


    I'd rather Microsoft fix the basics so I can get the 15 teachers in my department to use this with 500+ students without my assistance every second lesson and without all of them having to do hours of Minecraft training.

  • Samuel MCCROHAN

    Thanks Justin

  • Samuel MCCROHAN

    The update is soooo coooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!      =) =) =) =)

  • Aleece Landis

    About the Structure block.

    As I said, I can agree that it is over complicated.  However, this implementation is exactly the way it is in the commercial version of Minecraft so to make it work any time soon, you might want to set up a behavior pack and instructions for the teachers using it.  Here is an example.  Trickiest part is figuring out WHERE the education edition files are kept on your device to move the pack into the right place and to place all structure files you want to use in the structures folder.

    **deleted old link to file**

    Here is a BASIC Behavior pack with folders for functions, dialogues, and structures.  I have included an example file in each folder.  Be sure to place this in the Development behavior packs folder after you import it so that you can edit it without having to go searching in each world to update the files.  Enable it on any world you want to edit using structures.  It is also a handy place to put dialogue files you are working on for your npc and any function files you want to use in setting up your worlds.

    As to the Basic house structure I put in the pack, Sorry I didn't use the y offset of -1 so if you place the block on the ground it will actually sink the house one block down.  So if you want the house flush with the existing ground you either need to adjust the offset or place the structure block one block above the intended ground level instead of sitting on the ground.


    Ok I think I have fixed the basic_house structure so that it will import flush with the ground now even when placing the structure block on the ground and not adjusting the offset.  Here is the link for the updated pack. 


    Other notable things about the update, NPC Dialogue commands and files are fully implemented.  Yes, the NPC Dialogue commands and files did work in 1.14 with one notable exception.  The


    selector didn't exist in 1.14 so could not be used in the NPCs.  The @initiator selector (can only be used in NPCs) is a game changer for running multiplayer lesson worlds and greatly reduces the need for complex scoring/tagging/detecting to make sure the right player gets selected for the command since it is simple for @p to choose the wrong player if there are several around the NPC during game play.

    While it is possible to simply input everything into actual NPCs in the worlds, for those who find doing that extensively too tedious, you can totally create a dialogue file or files and do everything in a text or code editor.

    It does take a bit of extra "behind the scenes" work in creating the files but you can create very complex changing dialogues this way.


    I have not started learning how to utilize it yet, but apparently there are a bunch of wonderful fun things that can be done with entities and animations in the new update.  I will be following EduElfie's tutorials about how to do this.


    My main disappointments with the new update are,

    1, if you accidentally minimize the window while you are hosting a world, it will kick everyone out of the world.


    2, we still don't have a dedicated server for Education Edition.  (which is becoming even more important now that it is even more likely that a player hosted world will become inaccessible due to glitch number 1 above.)

  • Its probably just me...But is there netherite? I cant find any ;(

  • Nicholas Joosten

    Are there updates/patches being pushed out?  After the last update last week, there have been two days this week that my students or I  have not being able to log in (with the loading resources indefinitely error).

    Windows and Office 365 updates fix this but it is pretty tedious to have classes interrupted with the app not working.

  • When I logged in my screen switched from the sky and then it just rapidly ran around and then I died, and then I couldn't hit mobs so they killed me immediately.

  • K33pG377inGhx$teD InPhenxm

    Maybe the update came with some side-effects???


  • Senuda Kalubowila

    Hi there is a glitch for the new update where I can't take anything out of my off-hand. It just gets stuck there and is very frustrating.

  • Moon Walker

    I’m also thrilled


  • Marine Bocquet

    When can we expect the Code builder to reflect the new content?

    So far the new content isn't available in the code builder which greatly limit its use with the update

  • Jeremiah Smith

    this game is fun

  • 1 teacher

    I cannot complete most missions in Python Island since I updated to this version.

    Just placing-blocks missions are OK, but inspecting or destroying blocks missions fails everytime even if my code was perfect.

    I cleaned off the (latest update)

    reinstalled older version (1.14.50)

    and every missions goes right at the moment.

    Is this a kinda bug of ???

  • I updated my Minecraft Education and it got Athemyst!



  • Noel Philip

    whats new diamond levels? or does it stay the same


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