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Book and Quill info disappeared



  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Yikes! So the world itself was still intact, but the book and quill info was missing? I am concerned that it may have been destroyed in-game, accidentally, but I have never encountered this. I will look into it a bit. So sorry! It is always hard for students to lose work!

    ************* edit ****************

    It is possible to use "q" and drop your book, and lose your data. But thsi would also delete the book from your hot bar. I get the impression she has an empty book. I am looking for where the data is stored in on the computer atm...

    ************* edit *****************

    in my mojang file, I can find my world folder.  (most recent, it is not a recognizable name)

    In the db folder I can look at the file and see the data for the book in the log file. (search for photonametext) You may see old text there. Otherwise, you may have to find old log files, but that would be in your system's backups, I think. Sorry for the complex answer. This is the best I can do. Maybe someone else knows a better fix.

  • If you didn't sign and name the book, perhaps there is more than one book&quill in the student's inventory . . . 

    also, make sure it's the same exact world 


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