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Screen Glitching



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    Penny Support Team
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    Hi all, this is a known issue and our engineers are digging in.  We are updating this thread, you can follow it to stay up-to-date:

    A known mitigation is to not run Minecraft: Education Edition full screen.

  • Francois Bourdon

    Same thing here. On a small window, the app works perfectly. Problem only happens in fullscreen.

    Tried updating, uninstalling and reinstalling, reboot and even a Powerwash. After the powerwash, Minecraft works in fullscreen for a while, then starts flickering rapidly only in fullscreen again.

    When trying to expand while in a small window, I have the feeling the Chromebook is lagging. I drag the corner to expand and it takes a couple of seconds (5 to 10) to make the change in size.

    While in window mode, even if I stretch the window to the edges of the screen (as if it was in fullscreen) the app is working just fine. Only in fullscreen mode that it is flickering.

    Only happening on 2-3 Chromebooks, all same model (Samsung XE310BA).

  • Krista Sweckard

    We are seeing this same thing. All on Chromebooks. Acer...more each day. Version


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