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How to make and upload your own skins, and use mods without experimental gameplay!



  • Noel Peterson

    How to add in your own custom skins to Minecraft EDU: 

    1. Go to any Minecraft custom skin creation website such as: 
    2. After you have made or found a skin you would like, go to the Editor Tab and then download you skin to you PC files. 
    3. Go to this website: 

    4. When you have gotten onto the website, simply upload you skin PNG file into its box, name it, then put version number as 1.0 . 
    5. When done press download pack, and if you have MEE running on you PC, then simply locate the finished skin pack file and clicking on it should automatically open up the mod into MEE. If not you should try and upload manually via import function.  
    Note: If adding in multiple skins, you may have to do them separately. 
    Please comment if you found this helpful!


  • Noel Peterson

    How to download mods and shades (some) without experimental gameplay!

    1. Go to MCPEDL, (this MC Mod website is best as most of the community made mods are specifically for various versions of bedrock). 
    2. Find a mod, shade, texture pack, skin, map you would like and go all the way to the bottom of its description page, It should say which versions are supported. e.g. 1.14, 1.16, 1.17. 
    3. If the version of Minecraft you are using is like 1.14 then you an go ahead and download the mod, this should take you to an external website to continue downloading the files. 

    4. After the download is completed you may import it to MEE via the import packs function. (make sure to extract compressed and rar. files). 
    5. Create a world and activate the mod you would like in behavior / resource packs. 

    Note: Maps can be imported, if the version is the same, if you download a map made in 1.16 for something like 1.14 it may not work. 
    Many complicated mods may not work either on MEE, because of it's build which may not be similar to the exact build of normal Bedrock edition. 
    Also remember that shades will only work if you have them activated and overriding the top ones, so only have 1 activated at a time with packs or game can crash or not load, same goes for mods and textures. Many of the mods and maps mainly on MCPEDL should work without experimental gameplay unless specified so in the download description. 
    Also don't download anything if you get redirected to suspicious websites, you can trust downlead websites like AdFly and MediaFire. 


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