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I can't join or host a world I am a teacher



  • Aleece Landis

    Are you on the same LAN or are you remote?  Are students able to join each other?  Has your school changed anything in the IT department?  Are you and the students on the same version?  As in if you have updated to the Beta and the students haven't or vice versa? 

  • Debbie Alexander Community moderator
    Expert (Gold) Moderator

    Yes, the most likely problem on a Mac is that your students are on a PC, and the PCs have updated to a new version. Your Mac will not automatically update. And if you're not on the same version you can't play together. 
    I have been snared by this little problem a couple times. :)
    A couple questions for you: are your students in the classroom with you? are you doing hybrid learning or remote learning? let us know how things are going. Good luck!

  • Aleece Landis

    Diana Bahnesli if you haven't already gotten it figured out, you can open a support request by clicking on the upper right corner for your profile and there is a submit help request option in the list.  (In case you are like me and didn't even realize there was an option for that up there for the longest time.)

  • Aryan Rana

    I'm also having the exact same issue, this happened all of a sudden to me and support have been useless

  • Diana Bahnesli

    I am a remote teacher but teaching from the school building. My students are all at home not in the room with me. I thought about them having a different version so I uninstalled the game and re-installed it several times, still no fix? I have a support request and they have no idea how to help? I even called my district's IT and they don't know. Last year I was a remote teacher teaching from home, and I had no problems hosting and joining worlds. So I think it has to do with the internet in the school. 

  • Penny Support Team

    Diana Bahnesli many school networks block the traffic needed to join players in a multiplayer world.  This guide walks you through the steps needed to connect across different networks.  It may be worth sending to your IT support desk as they would need to do some of these network configurations.

    This guide has a list of the URLs that need to be allowed to pass through the school network:


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