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Feedback Requested: NPC Dialogue



  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    These are fantastic feature, and "just what the doctor ordered!" =]   I will check out English Adventures! "Fire-on-enter" sounds exciting!

    I went to and checked out the options to allow ongoing conversation with NPCs. This is a huge upgrade. In the past, I would have to add a series of NPCs or (less personable) boards to accomplish the same communication. I haven't used this yet, but I certainly will! I don't see the specifics on the fire-on-enter and other features in the docs yet, but I will keep digging around. What fun!

  • Andy Knueven

    Only a few moments in but I'm really enjoying these NPC updates with an automatic verbal narrative occurring.  The video moments are very engaging which really makes it feel game like giving guidance on next moments or direction to follow. There is a much smoother flow of the game experience. The new items and mini challenges really are nice. The world is beautiful! I can't wait to explore more! I look forward to trying out some of these features as I'm reading the NPC dialogue page which I'd never used the @initiator target type. 

    Having my son (7) who was then later playing to get his impression, he really was awed by the narration dialogue but what would really take this to the next level would be having the button options be narrated as well. This also could be an upgrade within Immersive Reader too because he navigates Immersive Reader well but would then ask or confirm what the buttons said. 

  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    I set up a couple worlds with the NPC Dialogues.  I thought it had all tested out and was working properly after I set the first world up.

    Now a few weeks later I'm trying to set up another world and none of the buttons are working anymore.  So I went back to my first world with it and those buttons are not working either.

    Has something changed that may have broken this?  I am seeing the correct dialogues and buttons in the NPCs but none of the button commands are working.  I am not using any on entry or exit commands.

  • Niena St Clair

    I can't get my NPC's to load the dialogues either. I have no trouble setting it up and loading the behavior pack but the buttons do not work. There are no errors in my JSON and the pack is structured correctly. I even copied and tested it in my Bedrock world and the dialogue works fine. 

  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to do with the NPCs? Where are you getting this behavior pack and is it compatible with the Education Version? 


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