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  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Ok I have discovered that Classroom Mode can capture the Chat of a world it is connected to.  That is all it seems to be able to capture.  What the actual players type in chat.

    I have found that if I run a list command from the Classroom Mode console itself, like /list it will log the results of that.  Or if I were to run a /tag player list It would capture the results of that.  But it won't capture any of the commands run by players in game or the results from those commands.  Perhaps not that big an issue if none of the players in game have the ability to use /commands but part of the point of Classroom Mode was so that students could host a world and the teacher would still be able to moderate the world from outside the game.  And for the student to enter the /connect command to enable classroom mode to connect to the game Cheats must be enabled.  And for Classroom Mode to be able to use any commands.......  Well at least the hosting student has the ability to use commands and the teacher may not notice if they start abusing the ability.

    Ugh, we need dedicated server software for Education Edition, AND we need complete logging ability.

  • Xavier Hall

    YES PLEASE! I have been running an Education Edition Server by getting and old laptop, going into a world on it and then sharing the code. This is terrible though as I have to put the host account in the nether so others can sleep, and if the power or internet goes out (which happens quite often), the code changes. At  least make a way to reserve codes please, but server software would be nice too!

  • This is a very important feature because there is always one student trying to make a mess, spawn mobs ...

    Therefore I need a log for commands (for all students on my hosted game).


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