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Proper addon/mod support for education edition



  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Spotter Expert (Gold)

    Here is a post I wrote about this topic lately. 

    Addons can work just fine, 1 provided the add on works in the first place (and is created for the appropriate version) and 2 you have the authority to apply them to the computer you are using, you just have to know how (rename the zip to mcpack.)

    But Minecraft is not likely to provide software support for software created by a 3rd party.  And since this is education edition, there are about 6 more layers of security and control to go through.  They don't want just anyone applying just any software into the school environment without some one being responsible and overseeing it.  Hence they would prefer that the teachers check things/test them out before distributing them to students.

    So, if you know a good mod that would be educational to use for your class, talk to your most computer tech savvy teacher and see if you can talk them into checking it out for you.  Remember to pitch how it would be educational.  Heck, if you are a pretty tech savvy student, perhaps you can work with that tech savvy teacher to learn how to create good educational resource packs and behavior packs of your own.

  • Jim S

    the reason your addons do not work is due to the fact that minecraft is not updated to the correct version of minecraft and therefore does not accept your addon.

  • Jim S

    If you wish to acquire help in trying to work this out, this is not the place to ask it. the edu staff will never support addons and your best bet is to find someone who knows how to work with addons.

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    Aleece Landis 

    Support for new recipes are not added , nor are new items able to be added.


  • Bryer Barton

    Hello I’m new here 


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