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syntax /setblock command_block [how do I include block data and commands?]



  • Aleece Landis
    Expert (Gold)

    I will have audio that will play the word on a button press either in world or in the NPC dialog with instructions.

    So continuing on with the idea that I can /test for whatever the student is naming/spelling to let them move on if they get it right.

    1-Name the hook to use as a key

    2-Name the paper and place it in correct location

    3-Name Tag animal

    4-Have letters populate in their inventory and they place them into the correct item frames then press button

    5-Have letters hidden in containers around the room and student has to place the on appropriate blocks

    6-Provide pickaxe and student has to re-arrange the letters in the appropriate order

    7-Nametag villager

    8-Mine the right letter blocks and place them in the correct order in the item frames






    14- Choose correct spelling from book (leave book open to that page) and press button

    15-Choose correct sign to switch the lever on and then hit the button.

    16-Choose the correct spelling from an array of NPCs

    Anyone know how to detect what is in an item frame? Would it be as easy as test for?

    Ok, so I haven't been too repetitive I hope but I still have a hand full of words to do still.  Can commands blocks react to some one typing the correct word into chat?  I know I could do some of this using the make code but I don't want the students to be using make code themselves during this challenge since being able to look at the words in the code would kind of defeat the purpose.  However, if I can have a command block react to something in chat, well that would be an easy way to handle a few of the words.

  • Debbie Alexander Community moderator
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Moderator

    Wow, Aleece Landis it is super exciting to be part of your exciting dive into all things Minecraft! I am looking forward to all of the ways you are going to continue to make an impact on the Minecraft community here on the Community Hub, and at large! Just as a hint, one feature on the community here that I make a lot of use of is the edit post option. (I think you are using that.) I use it to add extra information I didn't have when I initially answered, or to fix my (prolific!!!) typos. It also keeps things together a bit more in the threads when other people read.

    Sometimes if I add more to a post in an edit, and it is clearly an addition, or update (as in a help request when new information is added) I add a big line of stars or hashtags to show that I have added more, rather that replying to my own post. 

    ********************************* like this!!! =] *******************************

    Keep on Minecraftin' =D

  • Aleece Landis
    Expert (Gold)

    Thanks Deborah,

    And I expect I probably should have done that with my last couple posts, however, I actually dislike that people can go back and edit their posts on here since I keep finding threads that make very little sense having an initial post dated 1 year ago and comments on the posts being 2 and 3 years ago.  At least I'm guessing that editing of the posts is how/why this is happening.

    My reasoning for basically adding to the thread this way, rather than going back to the beginning and editing earlier posts after there have been answers to them, is so that other people who come later can read through the progression and process and learn with me instead of having to ask the questions again later.  I've learned huge amounts from public forums in the past (Building large systems) and one of the things that helped there was the forum operators only allowed editing of posts if no one else had answered the post and I think there was also a time limit (as in you couldn't go back and edit a post months or years later, by that time it was appropriate for a new update post rather than editing.)


    So in an attempt to keep this from getting too long with additional posts, I will try to edit posts if no one has already answered or commented.        

    here is a helpful link for those having difficulty finding the world files. 

    Was about to add info to this post about cross linking the two threads and separating the topics a bit but apparently the copy perma link isn't working correctly.

    Let me try it this way,  here is the link over to the Lesson Planning Spelling thread

    Will try to keep the creative lesson planning over there and keep the Technical how to accomplish the tasks with command blocks, red stone, coding, etc over here but by it's very nature I'm sure there will have to be cross pollination between the two just to understand what is going on.

  • Aleece Landis
    Expert (Gold)

    Dan Noble or @deborah alexander (I don't know why I'm unable to "mention" you) Do you as Moderators have the ability to split off threads into new discussions?

    I think perhaps splitting off the discussion into a new thread where I introduce the idea of Sounds/audio in the spelling lesson might actually be useful for people searching?

  • Dan Noble Community moderator
    Expert (Gold) Moderator

    Aleece Landis, no unfortunately not. 


  • Aleece Landis
    Expert (Gold)

    Ok, thanks, I didn't know how much power or what features are available on this forum platform.

  • Debbie Alexander Community moderator
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Moderator

    Aleece Landis Hi, hope all is well. I was curious. You had posted previously, "Now over in Bedrock I was testing the structure block and I was able to copy and paste a structure with a command block and the command did copy.  SO if they ever fully implement being able to use structure blocks in education edition, we should be able to create our command block platform once and hopefully from there we could save that structure for use in future builds."

    I was wondering if you ever put this to the test, (with the structure block updates) and if it worked! 


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