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  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    I actually just found out that the compass directs players to the spawn point!

    May I tag along on this and add that it would be nice if it were possible to move directly in a single coordinate? In other words, right now, you can hold down W, but you will not just travel in a straight cardinal line. 

    Perhaps there could be an option key to travel directly along without changing east or west if you are heading north, or drifting north or south if you are heading west, etc. It sure would make building and coordinate exercises easier!

  • Alan Downes

    That would be great, they do tend to drift off course after they get one coordinate right and try to follow the other !

  • Dan Noble

    In my workshops I always instruct students to turn on the coordinates (x, y, z) in game and note where they are building structures in case they get lost. 

    It's also useful for teaching negative numbers, and for implementing command blocks. 


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