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Open Port 19132 to help with multiplayer



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    Justin Support
    Bug Zapper Support Beacon of Knowledge

    Update 8/15/22 11:22AM PST 

    • Multiplayer issues were resolved late on the 12th. If you still experience multiplayer issues, ensure the new URLs are added to the allow list. It that doesn't resolve the issue, please submit a ticket to 

    Update 8/12/22 1:42PM PST 

    • Multiplayer connections are not working as of 11:13AM PST this morning. We're actively investigating. 

    Thank you for your patience while we look into this. For users who had multiplayer connectivity issues before today but after the 1.18 update, this is likely caused by the new URLs not being allow listed by your IT Admin:
    URLs Used by Minecraft: Education Edition – Minecraft: Education Edition Support 

  • Thank you so much for this information, my students @efwmaschool will be happy =]

  • Despite port forwarding 19132 there is a 80% chance that clients still do not connect to the host. This 80% is my assumption after working with MC:EE for the last 3 years. This is of course if you connect over internet, not local lan. It is super frustrating and ruins my online teaching persistently. We still try because sometimes it works. I have not found a pattern why it does and why not. Port 19132 seems to help but is not a general solution. Trying to reconnect 10 times, Restarting the game, restarting the computer or restarting the router also might help. But since the last update (.70), for some students none of those troubleshooting tipps work at all. They are now practically out of the class. This network code is a shame, it reminds me at the early 90s, when we had peer to peer networks in local lan and connections dropped all the time in multiplayer. Even cheap browser games are more capable nowadays with its connectivity. Will there be ever a fix or is Minecraft Education doomed?

  • Maybe we should get the technical support team on this one . . . Penny Justin

  • Dan Noble

    I think at this point all the issues we're seeing are well documented and well represented at this point and I know the tech and development teams are very much aware of the problems and directing a lot of effort to it. 

    I personally see all of these issues at least several times a week during my workshops... and I am a technician by trade, so teachers and students joining workshops with me have a decidedly better chance. 

    But still, it is incredibly frustrating when 50% of the class can jump into my world, but a handful can't, and we've tried everything. 


    1) Port forwarding and messing around with routers is not for everyone and not everyone has the same confidence even with step by step directions. Not all technicians are going to be able or willing to make time after hours as I do to jump on a remote sessions with teachers to help them set up with port forwarding. 

    2) Not all technicians are available to troubleshoot in a timeframe that will be helpful, or are familiar with Minecraft enough to offer advice beyond a certain point. 

    3) Not all ISPs have an interest in providing adequate support. It's certainly an issue in Southern Ontario where our two main ISPs not known for their customer support. The phone wait times are frequently "ridiculous" and actual support as being "casually indifferent" at best. 

    At this point until there is a long term polished solution in place, rather than spending a lot of time troubleshooting that will likely amount to no real gains, I always run my hosted workshops with a safety net. Providing an alternate activity that is not dependent on a connection to my world, or providing the world file through a class share so that they can download, import it and run through the same activity is extremely helpful. This has saved a few workshops and spared a few tears and we've been able to wrap up our session with smiling faces all around. 


  • Jeremy Guaman

    This doesn’t not work for me 

  • Dan Noble

    Hi Jeremy, 

    Can you be more specific? 

    Are you having difficulty setting up the port forwarding, or is it that other people can't join your hosted world after you've setup the port forwarding? 

  • Ariel Lim

    Our students love MEE, so please solve this issue asap! Thank you very much!

  • Ariel Lim, are you able to open the port?

  • Ariel Lim

    Hi, I'm not sure if my issue is related to the port, when I assign the license for A and B, they works well. When I remove the licenses from A and B and reassign to C and D, they can't get connected.

  • Something isn't refreshing in your user database, perhaps. Minecraft-EDU-Team


    Thank you for the information

  • Kurt Dager

    Please advise why there is still so much inconsistency with being able to play multiplayer games.    In my class of 30, there is typically anywhere from 2-10 students unable to join at any given time.  Some days it is just one group unable to join multiplayer games sitting right next to one another (not that it matters, but literally one the same wifi and router).  Today I had a student at home send the code and had his group in class problems. We have done all the troubleshooting suggested via the help.  I have such a great unit I use with the students, but the real power comes from watching them work collaboratively to complete a huge project, and that is lost almost everyday (replaced with frustration). 

  • אורן שפרוט

    Hello everyone I would like to add to this issue.

    Opening port 19132 will often fail if your router has a double Nat configuration (That means only the provider can open the port. you will need to call your internet service provider and ask them to open the port.

    (To check if a port is open hit the "windows key"+R and write cmd to open the command prompt.

    Type "telnet XXX.XXX.X.XX 19132" where X stands for your IP adress.)

    Further more you have to make sure Minecraft allows incoming comunication in the FireWall.

    Does your FireWall keep on creating new rules to block communication to Minecraft?

    It is probebly becuse Windows Defender is overwriting your FireWall and forces it to create a new rule.

    Make sure you enable comunication in windows defender aswelll.

    last but not least make sure both you and you students are using the same version of Minecraft EE.

    If anyone tries this and it still dosent work you can write to me here and I will try to help.

  • Richard Artes

    Is this TCP or UDP port 19132 ? (or both?)


  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey Richard, this port is no longer needed as of a recent patch. 

    More info on patch notes here:


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