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Movement touch tutorial



  • Justin Support
    Bug Zapper Support Beacon of Knowledge

    Thanks for this great feedback! 

    I've gone ahead and forwarded this to our teams. Let us know if there's any additional feedback you have :) 

  • A. McCormick

    I have taught the touch tutorial with several classes now and have had them constantly breaking the golden blocks in stage 1! It's very disheartening for kids to feel failure as their first action in a new game, especially in a school environment where they are hoping it'll be fun. Please fix this!

    There are a few other consistent issues...

    Students don't realize when the tutorial is finished. The bonus doesn't tell that it's the end. It's the same for all 6 stages.

    In stage 5 of the touch tutorial students repeatedly get stuck trying to place the larger boards. They only place on a surface if you select the center bottom two rows. It's very confusing; if the NPC or instructions stated something to this effect it might help.

    Another major bug is in stage 6 of the touch tutorial, after deleting the NPC, as you enter the next part of the map, suddenly the player's inventory fills up with NPC eggs forever, completely taking over the game. There's no way to stop it and your can't save or quit, have to manually swipe away the app! Would really appreciate help with this!

    I really hope these issues can be addressed promptly and that our feedback makes a difference.


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