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Screen flickering and black screen



  • Elliott Burton

    If it doesn't work then I guess I'll just go back to playing Minecraft and Ratchet and Clank Ps2

  • Bryan Burley

    I did what Rodney Woodward suggested above. It is the only work around that seems to get rid of this issue:


    Screen Flicker Quick Work Around:

    Issue appears to be in using Minecraft Education for Chromebooks in 'fullscreen' mode. 

    Take your Minecraft out of full screen mode.   You can then resize by dragging the Minecraft window as large as you want, but do not use the full screen button. 

  • Seth Pontt

    mine is being really weird, whenever i open it goes all black but I can still click everything and i have to keep minimizing and reopening to be able to see 1 frame for 2 seconds and then goes black again HELP i have an assignment due soon and I cant do it 

  • Daniele Agostini

    Same here. Any solution found? I know it is possible to use it in windowed mode, but it's not ideal. Any idea of the real problem behind it?


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