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More robust NPC's that use Custom NPC's features like dialog trees.



  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Mark Stevens Have you done any research into the /dialogue commands?  It may be possible to create Dialogue trees by using a bunch of NPCs and using the /dialogue open commands within them.

    It may also actually be possible to use the /dialogue change command to create dialogue trees specifically for a given NPC but that is going to include creating a behavior pack in which to place the dialogue scenes for use with the command.  However, I expect that should be well within the skill set that could be taught to game-based learning university students.  Challenge I'm having right now is EE doesn't have documentation for doing this, the documentation I'm finding is for Bedrock Edition V 1.17 But since the /dialogue change command exists in the current version of EE I have to assume this is a feature that is cumming from the current Education edition (just not documented for us) and is just now available in Bedrock for 1.17.

  • Mark Stevens

    Yes, I just found ... this is quite exciting, and I plan on adding it to my assignment in the future.  My issue with it is that my students are not computer science students and would not recognize a .json file if it bit them in the behind.  I need a front-end interface that removes the need for hard coding the dialog and lets my students focus on the dialog and educational content over coding.  I will search more on the /dialog change command and see what I can dig up.  In the meantime, I think that Microsoft needs to make this a font-end feature for simplicity and ease of use.  My students don't have the time to code and should really be focusing on the educational content.  K-12 students outside of CS classes would benefit too.  Then, of course, those high school CS students can still use the manual coding feature.  Nothing wrong with that!


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